March 19, 2013 – Yankees vs. Phillies preview

Derek Jeter and Chase Utley are both expected to start in Tuesday’s game.

Today at 1:05 PM ET, two eerily similar teams, the Yankees and Phillies, meet for a Grapefruit League match. Much like our beloved Yankees, the Phillies are growing older, yet trying desperately to regain their 2008/2009/2010 glory. Ryan Howard has been showing formidable power, reminiscent of those glory days, but his heel will remain a concern. Chase Utley is the only second baseman in history to successfully make a major league roster without any knees and he will likely be on the DL soon. Cole Hamels is the Phils only ace in a staff that once had four, Roy Halladay is looking spent and Cliff Lee is overrated.

My position on the Yankees’ weaknesses are quite clear: offense and health. As I have explained extensively in previous posts, the Yankees’ power has all but left, with the exception of Robinson Cano and (maybe) Kevin Youkilis. The pitching staff, while seemingly fragile, is definitely a strong point, but with the lack of offense the truth in that will be revealed much too soon.

With the Yankees’ Adam Warren facing off against Kyle Kendrick on the mound, the Yankees and Phillies are not likely to inspire.